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   *NEW CLIENT SPECIAL* $10 off any massage

"Where it's all about you"

**NEW** add CBD oil to any massage for $20


Add Aromatherapy for $5

                  30 min. session                                       $40

                  60 min. Swedish                                    $80

                  60 min. Deep Tissue                             $95

                  90 min. Swedish                                    $115

                  120 min. Swedish                                   $140

                  90 min. Deep Tissue                             $130

                  90 min Raindrop Oils                          $130

                  90 min Detox Massage                         $140

                  60 min. Healing Touch                         $90


                  15 min. add on Healing

                  Touch to any massage                           $20

                  60 min. Trauma Touch                         $100

Swedish Massage

The classic massage, uses light to medium pressure of long soothing strokes to improve circulation, ease muscle tension, improve flexibility and create relaxation. Also releases toxins from the body, reduces pain and lowers blood pressure.

Deep Tissue Massage

A treatment for those who like a firmer massage, using more pressure and variety of neuromuscular techniques to manipulate muscle tissue to release adhesions between fascia and muscle tissue. Beneficial for those rehabilitating from an injury but also the weekend warrior


Raindrop Oils

This therapy uses a layering process of 9 different essential oils applied to the feet and spine to detoxify, heal and balance the Body, Mind and Spirit. This unique blend of aromatherapy, ancient Lakota Sioux energy techniques and reflexology is powerful for body detoxification, relaxation and overall increased sense of well-being.

Detoxification Massage

A full bodied Swedish massage using 7 essential oils that are known for their anti-inflammatory, circulatory stimulation and immune system support. The oils being high in phenols cleanse cellular receptor sites and enhance the lymphatic system detoxification of the body.


Healing Touch

Healing Touch is a bio-field therapy that is an energy-based approach. These non-invasive techniques employ the hands to clear, energize, and balance the energy fields, thus affecting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Trauma Touch

It combines the use of psycho-therapeutic elements with touch therapy, movement and breathwork to relearn touch from a physical and mental health perspective. The pace of the therapy is determined by the client's needs.

      Buy 3 sessions and get $5 off each       
     Buy 6 sessions and get $10 off each      


Ask our Massage therapist for more info on customizing any massage to your needs.


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